Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 16 - May 27, 2014 - And then we had a flood...

Hello everyone! Once again I hope everyone had a wonderful week ;) are my FUN FACTS of the week!
1. Alicia was baptized by her son Washington! It was the cutest baptism ever.
2. We found out Dallin H. Oaks is coming to talk to us in June, and I am SO excited!
3. A man ran passed Hermana Peralta and I the other day, and as we tried to start talking to him, we realized he was running from the cops! 
4. We refer to everyone as ¨Hermana¨ it is a habbit! Well this week we contacted a lady, and she told us we could not call her that because she is not our sister. I felt bad, but we literally could not stop! We called her ¨Hermana¨ about 5 more times before we ended the conversation.
5.On Friday before Alicia´s baptism, we could not find a member to fill up the baptismal font. We decided that we would do it ourselves, because it had to be done. When we got to the chapel, the font was full of dirty water. We starting draining it, and realized the dirty water was not coming out of its usual pipe. Well, to make a long story short, we ended up flooding the boys bathroom, and had a disaster to clean up before the baptism started!
This week we had two people commit to baptismal dates, and I am so excited! ;)

On Monday we met with a 10 year old and his dad. His dad recently returned to the church, and wanted his children to have the opportunity to be baptized. Fernando was super excited to learn about the gospel, and accepted a baptismal date. He is so smart for his age. He answers all of our questions correctly, and most of the time he is the one teaching us!
The other person, is Cesar. He is incredible. One day we were going to visit a less active, and a member called us. He said there was a man in the chapel that wanted to learn about our church. When we got to the chapel, we met Cesar. He told us that he had been searching the internet, and came across a page of the church. He thought is was interesting, so he searched for a chapel close to his home and ended up in our ward! We taught him about the restoration of the church, and he LOVED everything. He accepted a baptismal date right away, and is progressing so quickly. He reads all of the pamplets we leave with him, and always wants us to choose chapters of the Book of Mormon, that he can read. I am so happy for him, and know that he was prepared to hear this message ;)
Gina is so excited for her baptism this week! She came to Alicia´s baptism, and when she found out the water is not heated, she was a little bit worried. We tried telling her that it really is not too bad, but she was not convinced. Who knows...maybe we will have to heat the water for her! Cold water or warm water, she is excited for her baptism, and tells us she already sees the blessings of the gospel in her life! 

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