Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 11 - April 22, 2014 - Tres Triste Tigres!

Hello everyone! 
Okay, this week P-day is on Tuesday because we had a zone meeting yesterday. Two Elders finished their missions, and we had lots of transfers. We were given a new rule, our investigators have to attend church 3 times now before they can be baptized. Before it was only two, so this is better, but now we have to wait longer to baptize. Also, we were told that President Dennis wants to change our computer time from 1 hour to 40 minutes because too many missionaries are getting onto Facebook. Hopefully this does not happen, because we have no time as it is!
Up to this point, I have been really lucky with most of my food. However, this week was fish was pretty brutal. I do not know what it is about fish, I just cannot eat it! Everytime a member placed seafood in front of me, the other hermanas would start to laugh. It was horrible! I was always able to eat all of it though, so that was a blessing :) 
The people here are so loving, especially in our ward. They love to laugh at my Spanish with me :) but it is okay! There is a tongue twister here that starts out 'tres triste tigres," and I guess North Americans really struggle with it. Anyways, everytime I go to church, someone will ask me to say the tongue twister. It is pretty funny. A lot of the ward members know a few words in English, so they like the practice with me...the only problem is, I understand their Spanish better than their English! Hah I always feel bad, because I have no idea what they are trying to say to me! At least twice a week, I get asked if I am from Chile. I guess I look like it!
Right now we have 3 investigators who were doing so good, and recently stopped progressing. One, his name is Ricardo, is pretty funny because he told us he believes everything that we have taught him. However, he does not like making decisions, so for now he does not want to commit to a baptism date. Jacinto is another, and he loves coming to church. He is there every Sunday, but wants to read the Book of Mormon before making a decision. This is great, except for he only reads when we read with him. He says he wants to read it for himself, but never has time. So hopefully he will have more time eventually! :) We have been working with a lot of inactives, and it is pretty hard. They commit to coming to church, and then on Sunday we cannot find them :( I guess we have to try harder with them! 
Anyways, I am still enjoying every second of this work! My favorite thing is visiting with the recent converts, and hearing their testimonies about the church :) Hope you are all doing well!
Hermana Roestenburg

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