Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 4

Hey Everyone!

Sooo if rumors are true, I leave next Monday to this is my last P-day in the CCM!!! The time has flown by. I cannot even believe it. Being a missionary has been amazing though! Sometimes I see elders and think, "Oh there's the missionaries!" and then I remember I am a missionary too! 

This week was great. New Latina's came, and I love them. Talking with them helps me with my Spanish more than anything else. One of them told me that she cannot understand Ecuadorean Spanish because it is too fast...that was comforting...not! This is kind of embarrassing, but this week, I got stuck in my skirt! Hahah! The zipper on it broke, and all of the girls in my house tried to help me, but we kept making things worse...eventually I got it off, so no need to worry! Then I turned into a professional sewer and sewed the zipper shut! I have to put it on over my head now, but it's worth it because I love it :) 

For our service activity we had to fold blankets for an hour. I have never folded so many blankets in my life. Hermana Huff and I folded at least 300!! Good news everyone! I have officially figured out how to do my laundry correctly. I have had all sorts of horrible experiences with that, but I finally am a professional :) Our fake investigators are starting to throw us curve balls all of the time. The worst part is knowing what you want to say, but not being able to say it in Spanish. It is horrible! We have Devotionals on Tuesdays and Sundays. They are amazing. I love when we get to watch old devotionals from members of the Twelve. Last week we watched Elder Holland. He is my Favorite!...and his talk was so motivating. It made me want to study for the rest of my life. I am definitely turning into a weirdo missionary! I think it is pretty funny though :) I am learning so much, and cannot wait to learn more. I love and miss you all soo much!! Have a great week!

Happy 1 Month!

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