Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 7 - Life is More Fun On the Dangerous Side :)

Hola everyone! 

I hope you are all doing well. This week was pretty exciting. First of all, let me explain why my subject is what it is. On Tuesday we were waiting for a taxi and a random car pulled over. Well Hermana Hansen explained to me that random cars act like Taxis here, but we usually do not take them because they are not safe. As she is telling me this, my companion hops into the car, and Hermana Hansen says, ¨Well I guess we are taking this one!¨ I was terrified the whole time, but we were fine and I have been in others since, so no worries. Also, we have a list of things we cannot eat (It includes basically everything) one of the foods is berries because they carry a disease here. Well we went to a members house, and they gave us some really good juice. Later I asked what it was, and it turns out they had made it out of berries! OOPS! However, I am still alive, and the experiences were great, so all is well! 

This week we had lunch at a members house. She lives on the 14th floor of her building, and the elevator was broken! Haha climbing those stairs was fun. Now the important stuff! We had a baptism! I did not know it was going to happen, because I did not understand completely! So I was super excited when my companion told me we had to plan Victor´s baptism. Other missionaries found him, and we have continued teaching him. It was amazing! We are teaching Jose, I think I wrote about him last week, he is 72 and is going to be baptized soon. He is sooo hard to understand. Usually I can pick out a few words, but with him, I have a REALLY hard time. Yesterday when we taught him, Hermana Peralta had to call someone real fast. He talked to me, and I just sat and hoped that I would not have to respond anytime soon, because I did not have a clue about what he was saying! The Spanish does not feel like it´s coming along, but I know it is :) One of the sisters we live with helps me a lot, I am soo thankful for her. We have a lot of recent converts in our ward, and I love hearing about the ways the gospel has helped them. It is amazing! Anyways, I love this work...even if I cannot understand it! :) Have an amazing week!

Hermana Roestenburg

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