Saturday, February 15, 2014

Week 2

Hi everyone!!!
Now that I have gotten used to things here, I love it!! This week was amazing! The MTC was dedicated, and I was able to be here for it!! President Oaks came, and seeing him was so cool. Hearing him pray and share his testimony with us was amazing! Spanish is coming a long good..I think? Some days I feel like I know a lot, and some days I don't know if I know anything. I will never again make fun of people who come home speaking their mission language still, because I am already mixing my English with Spanish. In my journal I won't even notice it, but I will constantly write "y" instead of "and" and make small mistakes like that. 

I love the Hispanic missionaries here. We are really good friends with some of the Latina Sisters, (even though we can't speak to them very well) and they help us with our Spanish. The Latino Elders are easier to understand, I think they speak slower! They are the nicest people though. You have to be careful about what you say around them, because if you tell them you like something of theirs, they give it to you and insist that you keep it! They are so giving with what little they have. It's amazing to see. Every day they tell me I look like a princess and my name is "Hermana Princess" because my last name is too hard for them. They are adorable. This week we had a "stress release" class, and we had to do a relay race...well all of the sisters tried to tell the instructor that we couln't run in our skirts, but she kept telling us it would be was not fine. Every time it was a sisters turn to run, she had to hold down her skirt, and it would still fly up! It was HORRIBLE!! hahahaha!! So we stopped that activity fast. 

The President of the CCM, President Pratt and his wife were in Utah when I first got here, so I did not meet them till this week. Everyone warned us that they are very strict and have high expectations...which they do! Anyways, last night we had a family home evening because one of the districts in my zone was leaving. We got done setting up, and my district leader and another Hermana decided to see if they could fit in the back shelves. They did! We were laughing, and one hermana took a picture (which is only allowed on P-day), and then the room kind of went silent. I turned around and say President Pratt staring back at us. It was horrible, especially because my district is usually the perfect district that gets used as an example all of the time! The missionaries climbed out of the cupboard, and President asked if we were practicing contorting our bodies for missionary service. We all apologized to him, and then he seemed fine! Ha it was definitely a good learning experience for us, and I'm sure we will not be goofing around ever again. Sidney Williams got here this week, and Madi Hill and Josh Falcon left, but for a time there were five of us here from Jordan including Matt and me! It's so good seeing people you know! I received my first letter today, and found out mail takes 15 days to get here and 15 days to get there! Way sad! Thank you though to those of you who have sent things! Oh we teach fake investigators, and right now I have 2! Sometimes the lessons go really well and sometimes the investigators do way funny things, and it's hard to take them seriously! I am so excited to teach real investigators though!! Being a missionary is such an awesome experience :) I will talk to you all next week! 

Hermana Roestenburg

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