Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Week 1 - Hello Mexico CCM (MTC)!

Hello everyone!!
 I miss you all so much, but everything here in the CCM, or Mexico MTC has been great! I traveled here with 19 elders and one other sister. When we got to the Mexico airport, one other elder and I had to do all of the translating...It was so hard! We were able to get our points across though, and we ended up in the right place, so I guess it is all good! I did not like the first night! No one was in my room, so I was all alone. Around midnight my roommates and my companion finally showed up, so that made everything better! 

My family probably won't believe this, but I am like the pro-bed-maker here! I help everyone make their bed because they all struggle with the bunk-beds. Matt Jensen, from school, is here and so is Madi Hill. Matt is my district leader. There are 8 of us in my district, and 24 in my zone. 13 girls live in my house...and guess what?! My house is PINK! so are my sheets!! I was soo happy. The beds here are rock hard. I do not notice when I fall asleep because I'm always exhausted, but when I wake up I am so sore! It's really funny. Class here is good. Both of my teachers are named Hermano Martinez. They speak Spanglish with us most of the time. In the morning we do a short language lesson, and then they teach us how to teach. I can bear my testimony and pray in Spanish! My accent is horrible....but that's okay!! In Utah I felt like I knew some Spanish, in Mexico, I realized I do not! We are teaching an investigator right now, her name is Lenina, and the language barrier is the hardest part. We have to focus solely on having the spirit and testifying because we struggle with words. I can only speak in the present tense, so trying to explain things about the past or future is almost impossible! We got her to commit to baptism though, so that was an awesome experience! 

Gym time is the best time, and I love running...who thought I would EVER say that?! The Mexican food here is really good! I get tamales from breakfast :) hah but the American food is sketchy. We always have fruit, cereal, and nutella those are smart alternatives. My companion and I could not be more different even if we tried, but we get a long and work together well, so that is all that matters! Her name is Hermana Huff, she is 22 years old from Oregon. I already knew her because we traveled to DC together to get our visas!  The spirit here is so strong. You find people praying everywhere you go, and the elders treat the hermanas like princesses! This really has been a great experience so far! I miss you all!! 

Hermana Roestenburg :)

Her pink house!

Hermana Roestenburg and Hermana Huff

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